Asset Disposition Services
to Help You Identify, Organize
and Decommission Your Assets

Get better a better understanding of what you have and where it is. Identify assets that may be a security risk.


Maximize the Value of Assets
that are No Longer Being Used

Make better decisions knowing what you have, where it is and what you may need going forward with your business.


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    R3 Remarketing Asset Management at a Glance

    Identify and Evaluate Assets

    Assets are located & evaluated based on their condition & use to prepare for disposition.


    A unique database is created for continued tracking.


    We evaluate your assets and their condition to prepare for disposition.

    Plan to Maximize Value

    Value is assigned to assets in use and a collaborative plan is devised to refurbish or remarket unused assets.

    Return on Investment

    You benefit from extracting value from your unused assets.

    Our Partners

    We work with industry leading partners to maximize efficiency and provide the most value for our customers.

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